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Why an 80th Anniversary Can Be a Teachable Moment: The Lessons of Day of Remembrance

Executive Order 9066 resulted in 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry incarcerated in concentration camps throughout the United States during World War II.

Most of those who were imprisoned were American citizens, like my father and mother. It’s not a well-known chapter in American history and frankly many Americans today are unaware that it happened.

“Norman Mineta and His Legacy: An American Story”
A panel of Black college students discuss their shared experiences and what they want others to know about being Black men in America in “What Does It Mean To Be A Young Black Man in America?
Scenes from “The Fight for Justice”

In February 19, 1942 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. Although for most, it was more than a lifetime ago, its legacy lives on in the lawbooks and in our nation’s history and the families, like mine, who carry the legacy.



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What Does It Mean To Be An American?

A powerful learning tool, designed to enable & enlighten the 21st century student. Developed by the Mineta legacy Project in partnership with Stanford SPICE.